Antiqology Featured on Life & Thyme Magazine

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Today we’re honored to be featured on such a great global publication called Life & Thyme magazine.

“It is clear that Adam and Rebecca are doing more than just selling products, sodas, or even ice cream at Antiqology.

They are extending an experience.

They are bringing back to life the history that has sat away in attics and storage rooms for decades. They are curating a setting where persons of all ages can step back in time into the heydey of sugar and sweet. And by breathing the soul back into the legends of the past, they are helping revive a historical city, one bottle at a time.”

Read the full story – Antiqology: Curators of Craft Soda on L&T at…/antiqology-curators-craft-soda/

A special thanks to Luke Anspach & Kristian Irey for making the trip to the shop and sharing our story.

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