Antiqology is Expanding (Again)!

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We made the announcement last week in our Christmas letter that we had just recently purchased a 16,000 sq/ft warehouse. Since that announcement we’ve had a lot of questions. We figured we’d do our best to answer those with this Q&A.

Q: Will you be moving to a new location?
A: NO – We will be keeping our retail location in Downtown Huntington. The new space is simply ┬ájust warehouse space.

Q: Why do you need warehouse space?
A: As we continue to expand our inventory and services we have quickly developed the need for more storage space. Our current location just is not large enough for our current warehousing needs.

Q: Will you be expanding your craft-soda selection?
A: YES – With the added warehouse space we will once again be expanding our selection of sodas. This will allow us to have more inventory on hand to service our retail location and will also allow us to expand our wholesale distribution services to retailers, restaurants, bars, and other shops.

Q: Will you expand your wholesale distribution of craft soda?
A: YES – If you are interested in carrying glass-bottled or draft craft soda please contact us for more information! Also if you’re a craft-soda manufacturer/bottler and are looking to expand your distribution please contact us!

Q: How much soda will you be stocking?
A: We hope to, by Spring 2015, be stocking over 300,000 bottles of in-stock glass-bottled craft soda.

Q: Will you be expanding your antique/vintage inventory?
A: YES – 2014 has been a great year and we’ve developed more larger corporate clients and wholesale buyers. We will be increasing our inventory on antique and vintage items and have the room to have more inventory on hand. This will also allow us to stock larger items; and we’ll expand into architectural salvage as well.

Q: Does that mean the 2nd floor of your retail location will now open?
A: YES – We have already started the transition of inventory from our 2nd floor to the warehouse. We will begin renovations to our 2nd floor in the very near future with intentions of having the 2nd floor renovated and allowing customers access.

Q: What will your 2nd floor be used for?
A: At this time we’re not giving all the details; however it will be able to be used for events, retail, and additional seating. Watch for more details soon!

Q: Is the warehouse located in Huntington?
A: YES – We have once again purchased a historic building built in 1904 located just outside of Downtown.

Q: With the warehouse space does this mean that your own craft-soda line is coming soon?
A: YES – We are making preparations for launch of our own soda line very soon. With that added warehouse space we’ll have the room for in-stock inventory to be able to allow distribution of our product to local establishments. Watch for more details soon!

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  • Joshua Carnell - Reply

    January 2, 2015 at 10:29 pm

    Any ideas as to what kind of soda you hope to make? Any specific flavor or are you still in the thinking process?
    Best of luck to you!

    • Antiqology - Reply

      January 3, 2015 at 9:56 am

      Joshua – We will launch with 5 flavors and will also do several seasonal flavors. We’ve been working on flavor development for almost a year now. We just need to finalize the remaining funding needed for some more equipment before we launch. It will be all small-batch using as many local ingredients from Huntington Co. as we can. Watch for more details very soon!

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