Cherry Soda Tasting Results

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This past Monday April 14th and Tuesday April 15th we held another of our monthly Soda Tasting Event featuring 10 different Cherry and Black Cherry Sodas from across the Nation. We sold tickets via our website for the event, which gave customers the opportunity to try 10 of our most popular Cherry-Flavored Sodas we have to offer here at Antiqology.

The attendee’s had the opportunity to learn about the history of Cherry-Flavored Sodas in general, as well as a brief history on each of the 10 different sodas that we tried that night. The feedback from our soda tasting events has been nothing but positive.

We sampled 10 of our most popular Cherry-Flavored Sodas that we have available in the shop, and asked our attendee’s to rate them on a scale of 0 to 5. With 10 people each night, for a total of 20 people rating them, each soda had a potential of 100 points. Here are the results;

  1. Cheerwine (Salisbury, NC) – 84 points
  2. Henry Weinhard Black Cherry Cream (Fort Worth, TX) – 82 points
  3. Jic Jac Black Cherry (Mukilteo, WA) – 65 points
  4. Excel Cherry Breese (Breese, IL) – 61 points
  5. Flathead Lake Sour Cherry (Ocean City, NJ) – 60 points
  6. Excel Black Cherry (Breese, IL) – 58 points
  7. Virgil’s Black Cherry Cream (Los Angeles, CA) – 57 points
  8. Filbert’s Cherry (Chicago, IL) – 56 points
  9. AJ Stephans Black Cherry (Fall River, MA) – 28 points
  10. Berghoff Black Cherry (Chicago, IL) – 28 points

We should note that AJ Stephans Black Cherry and Berghoff Black Cherry tied for last place with 28 points. Like with all our soda-tasting events our customer’s really enjoyed it. If you have never attended one we’d really recommend giving it a try!

We will be holding a Grape tasting in May featuring 10 different unique flavors as well. Tickets are available at

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