Renovations Recap – Week 3

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We’re another week into the renovations in the new building and we thought you may like an update on what’s been going on. The word of the week is STAIRS. As of this blog post, I’m happy to report that most of the new staircase structure is finished. We’ve gotten a lot of questions on our facebook page as to why we are moving the staircase. Well, the main reason is that the current staircase was going to interfere with the location of our new ice-cream bar. Unfortunately the way we wanted to lay out the new store, something had to be moved, and it was the staircase. We worked really hard to make the room flow well, and with the location of the new staircase we feel that this will help. Once the staircase is finished we can move onto the floors!

We’re getting closer folks! Here are a few photo’s to show the process over the past week.


To view larger photo’s simply click on each photo to load a preview.

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