Renovations Recap – Week 4

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Yet another week at plugging away on renovations to our new store. This week we’ve been working diligently on the floors. WOW! What a job it’s been. Have you ever worked really hard on something, but feel like your never accomplishing something? That’s what this week’s been like…

We knew their was the original wood floors under there somewhere, it was just finding them… Several layers of carpet & padding, old linoleum , and thick nasty “mastic” (tar paper). It ended up being a total of 6 layers that need to be removed to expose the wood floors. Getting the carpet and linoleum up wasn’t too difficult of a task, it’s been the old mastic paper. Essentially we’re dealing with something very similar to a roofing tar paper. It’s at least 70 years old based on the photo’s we have of the building. Unfortunately since it’s “tar” and the fact that the building has HUGE window’s, it’s had a long time to melt to the floor and bond. We’ve tried several things to get it up including scraping, hot water, sanding, tar remover, and Rebecca even brought out her steamer. The steamer actually worked the best, however it was VERY slow going. We’d get about 1 sq/ft an hour done between the 2 of working at it. We’ve got about 1350 sq/ft to do, so at this rate we’d maybe get done next March. A cry out to facebook among friends for an alternative method yielded a tool made by Wagner called the “Paint Eater“. We have to say that this thing is AMAZING! It’s still slow, but a heck of a lot faster than we’ve had with anything else. The pads made by 3m are a bit expensive, but hey it’s 3M and they make a great product. So I’ve been working all week on the floor with this little machine and have about 1/2 of it done. The worst part is that you have to bend over to use it on the floor and my back is KILLING me! But who ever said that restoring an old building was going to be painless!?!

Once we get all this nasty mastic off, we’ll sand the floors down one final time, and then stain & seal them. Overall I think we’re going to be really happy with how they turn out. At least that’s what I’m hoping, since I’ve got so much time & energy into them!

We’re getting closer folks! Here a photo to show what the mastic looks like before & after we’ve taken the Paint Eater to them.



To view larger photo’s simply click on each photo to load a preview.

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