Renovations Recap – Week 6

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So your probably wonder what happened to the week 5 update? Well… week 5 and much of week 6 consisted of the same thing; FLOORS! We did take a couple day break and hit the road and do some picking over the past week. You’ll see some of those items picked in our new store when it opens (soon I hope!).

I am happy to report that we are making progress on the floors. When we originally had the idea of bringing the wood floors back we thought it was going to be just “so-so”. But soon after we started the project we realized that even though getting to the floors has been quite the chore, they’ve been well protected for a long time. We’re amazed at how well they are turning out, and with a little bit (ok a TON!) of elbow grease how great they are going to look. Yes it’s taken us much longer than we anticipated to get them ready to be refinished but we think a few extra weeks it going to be really worth it in the long run.

We have gotten a lot further on the floors, and hopefully a couple more days we’ll have all that nasty mastic removed and the floors will be prepped for a final sanding. We haven’t decided on what color we want to stain them yet, and quite frankly it makes me want to have a panic attack even thinking about choosing the wrong color after I’ve spent nearly 4 weeks on them.

We did get another wall built under the stairs to close off the storage closet. It’s always fun trying to figure out angled cuts, but I had it knocked out in a couple hours.

So how much longer your asking? I know we had an opening date in the back of our mind of May 1st. We’ve pasted that date now and still have several weeks more of work to do. We promise you it’ll be worth the few extra weeks, and we want the space to be just right for our Grand Opening! We’re getting closer and we hope that we’ll start progressing a bit faster now that the floors are almost done!

We also wanted to let everyone know that Sunday 05/05/13 will be our last day open at our current location (544 N. Jefferson) next to the Theatre. We will be closing a couple weeks to finish renovation and get everything moved to our new location. We are also happy to announce that the space we currently are in will quickly be transformed back into the THEATERY – Bistro Italiano under the management of chef Jimmy Houser.

We know that many of you are looking forward to the launch of our new ice-cream & soda parlor. Don’t forget that we’re giving away a FREE YEAR OF ICECREAM to 1 lucky winner. You can read more and enter HERE.



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