Small Business Saturday – Nov 29th

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When you walk down Main Street in any city in America, you can often find great restaurants, service providers, and handcrafted products from local shops. It’s wonderful to simply go in and visit with local business owners and hear what’s happening in the community. America was built by the small business owners investing into their local community and it’s time to show our support once again!

Everyone knows that your dollar goes a long way when you buy a product or service from a small business. That money goes right back into the local economy. That’s important because half of working Americans either own or work for a small business and small businesses create two out of every three new jobs.

As we approach the Holiday season, it’s great to find the perfect gift from a small business. Often, when you carry it to the counter, you can see the business owner’s eyes light up. They tell a story about how that gift was made or where it came from. They can explain how it’s a one-of-a-kind and the gift immediately becomes even more meaningful and special. Moments like that are what makes the holidays magical.

Small Business Saturday, a nationwide event on the Saturday following “Black-Friday”, was created to make sure even more small businesses can keep growing. We encourage you to patronize local small businesses every day, and Small Business Saturday in particular as a show of support for our local merchants.

We are asking our customers to “SHOP-SMALL” this holiday season and to make a pledge to support your local economy. Imagine what an impact we could make on Huntington, and the surrounding communities, by simply making a commitment to buy gifts for our loved ones from locally-owned small business owners.

Let’s all do our part to support our local small businesses as they continue to strengthen our economy and create jobs. Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Small Business Saturday, and Happy Holidays.

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