A Root Beer keg is a really great way to provide our famous 1919 Draft Root Beer to a large group of family and friends. The kegs we provide dispense the same Root Beer we pour at Antiqology.

Our famous 1919 Draft Root Beer Kegs are available to rent for your own private event. Each keg contains 15 1/2 gallons of 1919 Root Beer and serves approximately 160 twelve (12) ounce cups. Each keg rental comes complete with a keg of our famous 1919 Root Beer, a barrel to hold the keg and allow you enough space to ice it down, and a hand-operated pump dispenser.

Here are our keg rental guidelines:

AVAILABILITY: To ensure we have availability for you, and all our keg customers, we require a minimum of FIVE (5) DAYS notice. Of course, we would appreciate any additional time you can allow us since this will help secure you a keg. We require reservations simply because we have a very limited supply of kegs on hand. Reservations should be submitted to info@antiqology.com.

RESERVATION DETAILS: When submitting your reservation request, please tell us your name, phone number, and the specific date when you want to pick up your keg. Upon receiving your reservation, we will contact you to confirm the reservation, give you current pricing, and to get your credit card info. Please note that your credit card will only be charged at the time your keg is picked up.

DEPOSIT/KEG RETURN: To assure prompt return of our kegs, we require a keg deposit for each keg rented. ALL KEGS MUST BE RETURNED TO US WITHIN 72 HOURS OF PICK UP TO AVOID PAYING A DEPOSIT FEE! You will only be charged the deposit fee if you do not timely return our kegs and/or hand tap pump. Why the deposit? We only have a very limited number of kegs & taps, and too frequently we get them back late or never at all. We don’t want your deposit; we really want our kegs & taps back so we can make them available to another family.

PRICING: Please contact us for current pricing on keg rentals and deposits.


To make a keg reservation, or if you have any questions, please CONTACT US!