Antiqology stocks over 700 unique varieties of glass-bottled craft sodas in our 16,000 sq/ft warehouse with over 500,000 bottles IN STOCK! We offer wholesale discounts to business-to-business only, meaning you must have a State Tax ID or EIN number. We proudly serve locations across the entire US. Give Adam a call at 260.200.1065 Ext. 201 with any questions!

We offer wholesale ordering in three different manners:

  • Order directly from our warehouse where you can mix-and-match all of the 700+ various flavors and pickup locally in Huntington, Indiana (46750).
  • Order directly from our warehouse where you can mix-and-match all of the 700+ various flavors and have it delivered via our route truck to your business in our delivery area for a small fee.
  • Order directly from our warehouse where you can mix-and-match all of the 700+ various flavors we stock on a pallet for each order and have it shipped to your business anywhere in the USA via a freight carrier.

For orders out of our warehouse:

  • All sodas are 24 bottles/case.
  • Low minimum orders.
  • For orders being picked up from our warehouse please call in your order at least 24 hours in advance so we can have it pulled for you.
  • Wholesale orders are FOB our warehouse in Huntington, IN 46750, meaning a freight company must pick up the soda on a pallet at our location to ship it to you. We are unable to ship wholesale orders via normal UPS, FedEx, or USPS service due to the size of the order and fragility of the bottles.

Freight shipping can be handled one of two ways:

  • To get a shipping quote, call the freight company of your choice and ask for a quote for pallet shipping. They will ask for our zip code (46750), your zip code, and an estimated weight (each case is approx. 35lbs with an extra 50lbs for the pallet, so 10 cases would weigh approx. 400lbs). Please note that shipping a full pallet is often not too much more expensive than shipping a partial pallet, so you will get a better per bottle shipping rate by maximizing the size of your order (one full pallet = 60 cases).
  • We can get a shipping quote for you if you provide us with the destination zip code, destination type (business or residential), how you would unload the truck (Dock, Forklift, or lift gate) and an estimate of how many cases you are considering for an order. We are often able to negotiate cheaper rates than a first-time freight customer might be able to get since we ship daily. There is NO fee for the quote!
  • PLEASE NOTE – Orders placed December through March may be delayed due to cold temperatures with the risk of the product freezing. If you are placing an order during this time please contact us to discuss shipping options and/or time-frame.

Payment options are as followed:

  • Credit Card (3% fee).
  • COD for local customers.
  • Direct Billing/Wire Transfer
  • Business Check, however this will increase the wait time as we do not pull the order until we have received payment.


To get a current stock list and to setup your wholesale account, or if you have a question email us or call 260-200-1065.
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